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About us.

En-gn web has been putting together great websites all the way back since Y2K.

Thankfully the Y2K drama fizzed out, no global catastrophic event happened so we got on with things here and have never stopped making all great things ‘web‘ happen since.

Who, what, where & why?

En-gn web was founded back in 2000 by Damian Lunson after completing a Certificate in Web Development. Back then I learn’t to develop websites from scratch, writing lines of code in text editors and good ‘ol Frontpage. Thankfully we’ve all  evolved since then and the growth of the web has exponentially grown with exciting new possibilities emerging everyday.

Along side developing websites I have been involved in adult education for 17 years teaching Music Production and of course, Web Development.

Who, what, where & why?

I have been involved with hundreds of clients over the years working on small to very large projects and everything else in between. Basically no project is deemed to small or too large, if you have a large project and need it in a hurry I have excellent network of talented people that I can call on and most importantly rely on.

As a freelancer I can offer extremely competitive rates and personal support to a level which is extremely rare these days.  This level of support has been one of the biggest reasons I have retained some clients since the beginning.

Who, what, where & why?

I’m based out of the sunny Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. The beauty of this industry location is nearly no barrier now! I have many great clients I work with face-to-face here in Tauranga but over one third of my clients have been from out of town ranging from Wellington, Auckland, Coromandel, Hamilton, Nelson to as far as Norway!

So with in mind working on a project wherever you maybe is usually no issue.


Who, what, where & why?

Why me? One attribute is that all my years in adult education has given me the ability to explain technical jargon as easy, relatable talk.

I don’t miss deadlines, I don’t overcharge with hidden fees and listen to your needs. The process is as easy as it can be and I like to include you in the process from start to end.

You’ll have access to a client area with progress reports, demonstration website and the ability to share files and notes.

Some past & present clients include:

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