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One or two truths about Squarespace, Wix and Weebly

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Finding the right web company can be harder than you think! If you’ve ever jumped on Google and done a search to find a local web developer you may have experienced a moment of overwhelming uncertainty where to start. Or, some would ask ‘who even needs a web developer these days?’ Given there are many platforms such as Wix, Weebly and Squarespace to put the web design power in the hands of anybody.

Well, hopefully this blog post answers some questions you may have when looking at web design with who and how you might go about it. I’ll aim to address some common questions and misconceptions potential clients come to me with;

Web Builder Platforms

Using a ‘DIY’ web platform such as Squarespace or Wix looks great especially when you might have been lured in by them advertising ‘Free’ along with it. The truth is these builders to use, at a professional level require some sort of ongoing financial contract just as you would using a website design company to host and manage your website. One important thing which is often glazed over is the terms and conditions these platforms carry. In a nutshell you do not really own your website with these platforms, as long as you pay to use their service your website runs the moment you break your contract the website is suspended. This doesn’t mean using a web design company will act any differently though, it is important to ask about website ownership and transfer conditions. With en-gn we use WordPress and Joomla which are both opensource content management suites. You have to ability to run a backup at any given time which could be used to transfer to another developer or host if that need arises.

Depending on which platform we are talking about they all offer a huge amount of flexibility and functionality. You’d really have to shop around to make sure all your needs will be achievable with an online web platform. I always talk about immediate needs, long term needs and then the ‘maybe’ needs. It’s usually looking further down the track where you might need to add something really complex to your website such as an integration with another platform. In a lot of cases this is outright just not possible with services such as Squarespace unless they explicitly support it. An example of this is a recent project went from a simple e-com shop, then to a dealer portal and then a fully fledged CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) and all of these needed to access the same database of information! Luckily WordPress allowed for such a big integration as we owned and manage the database and of course we had access to adding extra code/plugins in as we needed.

If you have time and a bit of tech in your blood why not give a platform such as Squarespace a try? Especially if you have a handle on all your digital goals with the project remaining relatively simple. To get the best out of it it requires a bit of time and determination, usually a small bit of tech nous to battle through with domain dns changes but you may end up with a pretty good website! Using a developer such as us, well…. You do what you do best and leave all this digital design stuff up to us.

Bye for now.

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