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Hi everyone,

Nice to be back with our new and improved website. Funny fact…. Did you know en-gn went well over a year and a half without it’s very own website? Why you might ask!? Given we’re a web company it does seem rather absurd but the basic truth is we were just too busy making good websites for everyone else. Word of mouth got around and we got busy, very busy!

Anywho, we’re now back with a rather slick new website and we are looking for new jobs and new people to impress. We can do small, big, in the middle and slightly bent projects, basically we don’t turn our nose up at anything. En-gn can provide you with a new website, print/branding, Apps, or the whole package. We can also provide on-site or remote support on your current website doing customisation, ecommerce support, graphic work and social marketing.

If its digital you need, we’re your friends 😉

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